Amazing view of Copenhagen 

Copenhagen is one of the coolest places we’ve been to! We visited it last month and since we had a short time in the city we decided to do a 3-hour long Free Walking Tour (by the way, we highly recommend it!). One of the places we visited was the house of the Danish Parliment and our guide told us a little secret… but we I’ll get there in a second!

First a little bit of history:

The Christiansborg palace, located in central Copenhagen, was until 1794 the principal residence of the Danish Kings. The palace and church were ruined by a fire in 1794.

While the royal family lived in temporary accommodations at Amalienborg Palace, the second Christiansborg was builded in 1803. By the time the palace was finished in 1828, King Frederick VI had decided he did not want to live there after all, since the comfort of Amaliennborg Palace suited him better.

One thing that we’ve learned with our guide was that Denmark had a big problem with fires. And guess what? The second Christiansborg burned down in 1884.

So the palace that you can visit today is the third one and corresponds to the Danish Parliment and is the home of all three of a country’s branches of government: the executive power, the legislative power, and the judicial power.

And the secret is: the palace has a tower! (And you think: “ok, so what?!”)

The viewing platform in the Tower is the tallest in the city, is accessible to public and is free! (You just need to get through security). Pretty awesome since all of the other towers in the city are not free of charge.

So if you’re in Copenhagen don’t forget to check The Free Walking Tours (they have multiple tours in different languages) and make sure that you climb that tower and take some amazing photos!



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