Terra Nostra Park

Hey guys!

Recently I went to the Azores Archipelago, one of the two autonomous regions of Portugal (the other one is the Madeira Archipelago), composed of nine volcanic islands! I went to the major and maybe its most famous island – São Miguel Island.

In one of the days, it was so foggy and rainy  that I decided to visit this Botanical Garden, called Terra Nostra Park, in Furnas Village.

In 1970, the American Thomas Hickling demanded a summer wooden  house was built with a big water tank, known as Yankee Hall. Later, the space was bought by Visconde da Praia, who replaced this wooden house by the white house that you can see in the picture. Since gardening was his passion, he decided  to elarge the original two hectares, by planting a beautiful garden with shady groves and parterres of flowers. In 1935, the Hotel Terra Nostra, located on land adjacent to the garden, opened to public.

 There is an enormous “orange pool”- the Termal Water Pool –  with ferruginous water at a temperature of between 35 to 40 degrees Celsius that provides you a sensation of rest and relaxation.

Tip: Since the water is rich in iron, orange will become the new color of your clothes! Try to use old or orange swimming clothes and towels.

You can find the typical Azores’ flora as well as numerous plants native to countries with climates very different from Furnas. The park holds the largest collection of Camellias in the world, with about 600 different genus, and also the largest collection of Cyca trees.

It feels like you’re lost in one of the Jurassic Park Movies. This park was considered one of the most beautiful of the world by the magazine Condé Nast Travel.

This is a great place to visit when the weather does not cooperate, like when it rains or the fog is low. Leave the sunny days to see the 7 Cidades Lagoon or Fogo Lagoon because you’ll only see them if the weather is really clear.

📍 Rua Padre Jose Jacinto Botelho | Furnas (Povoação, São Miguel) Portugal

Opening times:


⏰ 1st April to 30th September – 10 am to 7 pm


⏰ 1st October to 31st January – 10 am to 5 pm

⏰ 1st February – 31 March – 10 am to 5:30 pm


💰 Children – 4.00 €

💰 Adults – 8.00 €





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