Colorful Burano Island 

Burano is one of the most colorful places in the whole world!

Being a fishing village, this picturesque island is full of vibrant colorful houses that  were originally meant to guide the fishermen home through the fog. Today they are a great spot to take pictures!

Burano doesn’t have much to offer in terms of sights or activities. But it is definitely a great place to get lost, explore every corner, eat an handmade ice cream and relax while observing the sunset behind Venice’s skyline.


Another interesting fact about Burano is that back in the 16th century the women of Burano started stitching lace. Each woman specialises in a single type of stitch so each piece would have to be passed from woman to woman in order to finish it. That’s why one handmade lace centerpiece takes about a month to do…and is really expensive.

If you have the time and since it’s only 40 min away from the crowded Venice, we recommend you spend a day here.


Some useful information:

Vaporreto Line 12: the ferry runs from Venice’s San Zaccaria stop or Fondamente Nove stop to Burano (it has a stop at Murano Island too, if you’re interested).

One-way ticket costs about 6,5€ (approximately 20€ for a day-ticket) and has the duration of 40-45 min.

– You’ll find many restaurants in the Island and seafood is the specialty.  The food isn’t cheaper than in Venice but here you can eat calmly and in a more relaxed way.



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