The ultimate travel checklist 


Today we are sharing with you our travel checklist! Yes, I (S) am that person who checks and re-checks everything a hundred times before leaving and I still forget things – like leaving the sunglasses in the car or the travel guides at home! To avoid that, I try to write a check list and go through each item from the day I book the trip until I step into the airplane. And it works!!


✔️ Check if the name and ID number on the tickets match your citizen card or passport;

✔️ Verify if your citizen card/passport is still valid;

✔️ Confirm if the country you’re visiting requires a VISA;

✔️ Choose your accommodation and book wisely;

✔️  Check if the country you are travelling to requires vaccination or any other type of medication;

✔️  Search for festivities or special days;

✔️  Verify your travel insurance;

✔️ Define which modes of transportation you’ll require and book them online (for example, how will you go to and from the airport, or how will you reach your accommodation);

✔️ Order travel guides early so they can be delivered in time.


✔️  Exchange currencies, if required;

✔️ Think about the devices you will be taking with you;

✔️ Check the weather conditions and pack accordingly;

✔️  Scan your documents and store them electronically (for example, send yourself an e-mail);

✔️ Do your check-in online and organize your boarding passes;

✔️ Download travel apps and their offline maps, if possible.


✔️ Get some sleep;

✔️ Eat healthy and drink plenty of water;

✔️ Confirm your itinerary and share with your family;

✔️  Remember to pack charging cables and portable battery chargers;

✔️ Put enough cash for the first day in your wallet;

✔️ Recharge all your electronic devices.


✔️  Stay hydrated and try not to drink caffeinated beverages;

✔️  Confirm that you have all the necessary documentation and itinerary information;

✔️ Pack some snacks;

✔️  Wear comfortable clothing;

✔️ Pack an emergency-bag of essential items.


We hope this checklist helps you plan your trips better and make it less likely for you to leave things behind!



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