A place called Notting Hill

Recently I (S) rewatched the Notting Hill film – Yeah, that one with Hugh Grant! Ok ok, and with Julia Roberts – and then, a thought came to me: I need to go to that place soon!!

I agree that it is a great romantic film but the thing I love the most about it is that it showcases the prettiest neighbourhood in London . It’s one of our favourite spots in London!

Notting Hill feels very vibrant and the streets are full of life and joy – it almost seems like we are in a totally different city.

Here you will find colourful streets with full of little shops…

…and lovely charmful and romantic streets dressed in white.

There is no place like Notting Hill!

So, if you’re looking for Will Thacker’s blue door, this is where you should go!!


Note that Portobello Market is Notting Hill’s busiest hot spot for shopping on Saturdays. There’s also a wide variety of pubs and restaurants.

📍 Portobello Road, W11

🚇 Notting Hill Gate, Ladbroke Grove

S & P


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