La Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous sights in Barcelona. This Cathedral began being constructed by Antoni Gaudí in 1883 and was the last masterpiece to which he dedicated himself to, although he knew he would never see his work completed.


In his early project, he envisioned the construction of 18 towers reaching towards one more tower, higher than any other. When he died, only the four towers in the Nativity facade were completed. During the Spanish Civil War his original models and drawings ended up being destroyed and it was only in 1950 that Sagrada Familia’s construction continued.

His architecture is based on nature’s geometric forms imbued with hierarchically organised Christian symbolism. We can even observe the verticality –  a characteristic of the building to make it seem to fuse with the sky, chosen by Gaudí to symbolise elevation towards God .

The life of Jesus is represented on the three Facades. Each one represents one of the three crucial events: his birth; his Passion, Death and Resurrection; and his present and future Glory. It is fascinating to see the differences between the Sagrada Familia and other cathedrals. Here, the Christian elements are represented outside the church while the elements inspired in nature are inside.

“As the sun moves across the sky, its light further emphasises the qualities (generosity, harmony, or drama) of each facade”  

In 2015, the Sagrada Família was 70% concluded.  It has been entirely financed through private donations and tourist revenue.


Check the Official Sagrada Familia website. Here you can plan your visit and buy the tickets (avoiding big queues!). We recommend you the ticket that has access to the towers – it’s worth every penny.



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