Madeira Island – Atlantic Garden

If you’re not familiar with this island you should run to Skyscanner and search for flights because you’re missing on A LOT!


Madeira is a Portuguese archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, southwest of Portugal. The archipelago is made up of the island of Madeira, Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands of Selvagens and Desertas. Funchal is the capital of the Autonomous Region of Madeira and it’s the largest insular city. The name comes from the Portuguese word of “plantation of fennel”, common in the island.


Madeira’s Airport (Funchal Airport- FCN) is just a short travelling distance from most European cities leading you to this small paradise. Several airlines, including low cost airlines, fly frequently to Funchal.

The best way to discover the island is by renting a car – which you can do online or at the airport lobby when you arrive. You can easily cross the island and discover every beautiful hidden place.

If you’re just expecting go there for some beach time you may be surprised: Madeira is full of culture, amazing landscapes and outdoor activities, adventurous roundtrips and delicious gastronomy. It is literally an ocean-planted garden.

Due to its location, it has mild temperatures all year around, mostly warm and summery… even in winter! Since its an island, you can experience  the four seasons of the year in one day. That’s why it’s the ideal holiday destination year-round.


Madeira is also known for its Christmas and New year activities – that time of the year where lights and colours create a special atmosphere – the best night of all. It’s one of the most attractive “reveillon” destinations, with people coming from all over the world to watch it.


Portuguese is the official language, but  you easily find someone who speaks English too. The currency is Euro (€).

Madeira is one of the safest holiday destination in the world, so you just need to take the normal precautions.

You may not know but Cristiano Ronaldo – for many, the best player in the world – was born in Madeira. You can also visit his museum or stay in his hotel while you visit.


We’re thrilled to do an entire post about our 4 days in Madeira. Stay tuned to see it!




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