Travel Backpacks

Hey guys!

We’re currently in London! We arrived last Monday and we’ll stay until tomorrow. 

Elizabeth Tower-4

When we were packing for our 4-day adventure we thought that would be interesting to talk you about backpacks – our ultimate favourite travel bag.


  • You don’t need to check in the backpack, unless it exceeds the allowed dimensions, so it’s cheaper for you.
  • You don’t waste time waiting for it when you arrive.
  • You can actually go around the place you’re visiting with your backpack without leaving it in rented lockers – save money and time!
  • It makes you choose the essential things and helps you not to overpack.


  • Sometimes it can be really heavy and you may experience some back pain.
  • Large items cannot fit into it.

How much can you fit in a 20L backpack?

In winter time it’s a little tricky to pack it all. I usually pick a warm jacket and a pair of boots and wear them the day we travel. Here’s a list of thing I (S) actually packed when coming to London:

  • Three sweaters;
  • A pair of jeans;
  • A pair of gloves and a scarf;
  • A pyjama;
  • Underwear;
  • A bag of travel sized liquids, other toiletries and a small makeup bag;
  • Medication;
  • A towel;
  • A photograph camera, chargers, and a hair straightener.

I keep my wallet, cellphone and ID cards on my purse (S).

Packing Light-1

Packing techniques 

Distribute the weight – heaviest items close to your back;

Have essencial items in accessible places, such as the top of your backpack;

Roll underwear and socks into shoes;

Roll your clothes into cylindrical shapes;

Use re-sealable bags to keep similar items together (cosmetics, accessories, cables).

We encourage you to take a look at our earlier post about How to pack light for a weekend.


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