We’ll always have Paris

Hello Guys!

Today we’re here to show you our first time in Paris! 


We went last June – right before the UEFA EURO 2016 – and the city was really busy. Adding to that, the weather was really bad – so rainy that Seine River flooded to its highest level in decades! All the museums were closed and some subway stations as well.

The beautiful scenery was ruined… 

… but Paris didn’t lose its charm anyway!

The city of lights has everything you want to see: monuments and attractions, museums, theatres, libraries, culture, restaurants and the famous french cuisine. It’s a destination that you must go to at least once in your life time. And since it’s impossible to see everything in one trip, you’ll definitely want to return!

From the small details…

…to the Louvre’s architecture.


From the famous wrought iron lattice tower on Champ de Mars…


…to the golden details in every corner. 


From love and passion … to pleasure.

Paris is called the City of Love and it’s not by chance. Imagine staying in lovely hotels, eating in fine restaurants, walking by the Seine River and finishing the night gazing at the Eiffel Tower all aglow with your loved-one. That’s romantic!

And for those of you who are single and don’t see the romantic side of Paris, just think about the elegant french women and drop-dead gorgeous french men. You see them everywhere and they speak French – there’s nothing more romantic than that. You’d go to Paris and fall in love… at least twice!

 Grab your wallet and buy some tickets to Paris, you’ll not regret it!

If you’re worrying about security since France as been a target to terrorism lately that’s not something you can predict. When we visited they had security guards and military throughout the city and the most touristic areas were reinforced – just watch out for pickpockets. 🙂



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