Park Güell: Gaudí’s amazing garden

While visiting Barcelona last Saturday, we went to the famous Park Güell – the huge urban and arquitectonic park, conceived by the architect genious Antoni Gaudí.

Eusebi Güell ordered the construction of an up-scale residential area to Gaudí in the areas that is today Park Güell. However, the project was later abandoned and, following Güell’s death, it was offered to the city of Barcelona thus becoming one of it’s most iconic parks.

It’s a reflection of the Gaudí’s naturalist phase, inspired in the organic elements and shapes that converge in innovative structures and geometry. Gaudí envisioned a natural and beautiful complex, reflecting the structural richness of shapes and volumes without the rational rigidity of Barcelona’s architecture.

The general entrance to the Park is free, but if you want to see Gaudí’s Nature Theatre’s multicolored mosaic balcony you will need to purchase a ticket (7€ per adult, at the moment). The view over Barcelona and the sea is magical and is well worth the small entrance fee. You will also be able to see the the rest of the Monumental Zone, including the Dragon Stairway, the Hypostyle Room, the Laundry Room Portico, the Austria Garden and the several roadways, paths and viaducts that connect these areas.

In order to avoid the long lines at the ticket office, we recommend purchasing them beforehand online and printing them out. You can do that here: Park Güell’s Official Website.



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