View from St. Mark’s Campanile

The St. Mark’s Campanile is located in St. Mark’s Square and is the most recognisable landmark of Venice. The Venetians call it the “El apron de casa” or “Master of the House”. This 97 metres-high bell tower was constructed in the 9th century with the purpose of being a watch tower or lighthouse to the docks. In 1514 it reached it’s present form and, in 1912 it was reconstructed after collapsing in 1902.

Today it’s a reference for tourists and from it’s top you can contemplate a view of Venice, La Giudecca, San Giorgio Maggiore, Murano and Lido.

Sadly, you can’t purchase the tickets online, so be prepared to find a long line at the base of the tower. The price for the ascent to the top is 8€ per person, but the view is well worth the price of the ticket and the wait.  While the opening hour is 9 a.m. year-round, the closing hour depends the time of year: 7 p.m. from April to June and from September to October;  9 .p.m from July to August; and 3:45 p.m. from November to March.




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