And then we found AirBnB

We usually search for information and travel tips before travelling  somewhere. Last month, when we were looking for a hotel or hostel to stay in our next trip to Madeira Island, we were verge disappointed with the high prices even in low season. At same time, while watching some YouTube videos about traveling, its creator was sharing her experience  and advantages of choosing AirBnB. Pow! We opened Google and a light in our heads lit up!

For those who don’t know the concept, AirBnB is a website where people list, find and rent accommodation – you can rent rooms, apartments, houseboats or even castels in the whole world! Hosts decide and describe what are the amenities and house rules, included price per night, and showcase the place they are putting up to rent.

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AirBnB has lots of advantages:

 -it’s cheaper than hotels and you can find very attractive prices;

– it offers you a wide range of alternatives, suitable to everyone’s preferences;

– you can search for accommodation by making selecting your preferred room type, price, house size, amenities, and host language;

– it offers you a different experience from standard hotels;

– finding a place at any time is easily done through the AirBnB app;

– you can cook at home and save extra money.

After you create an AirBnB profile you can book your reservation.  Several payment methods are supported: credit cards (such as Visa and MasterCard), PayPal, Google Wallet and some debit cards (depending on your country of residence). Once you pay, AirBnB holds the payment until host confirmation (about 24h), after which they send you a confirmation e-mail.

There are just some things you got to have in mind: make a conscious search and consider your options before booking. Carefully read through all the house rules (not everyone is super-flexible with scheduling the time to deliver you the house keys, for example) and don’t let yourself be surprised. Finally, make the reservation with time: rushing is your worst enemy.

Right now, we have 2 reservations for 2 different locations! We’ll have the pleasure to share with you our first AirBnB expericence!


If you’re planning to travel soon and make a reservation on Airbnb, click here and save €18! 



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