How to pack light for a weekend

When we travel for 2 to 3 days, we don’t have the need to act like a turtles and carry our house with us. Most of the time, we travel through low cost airlines and have some restrictions in terms of baggage. We try to avoid checked baggage, not just because of the extra costs but also because of the time we waste while waiting to collect it. Just keep in mind that you don’t need to overpack and the process will become easier.

Today I’m going to show you how I pack light for a weekend plane trip. Here are some valuable tips.

1. Before starting, check the weather and pack accordingly
With this simple action, I avoid carrying extra clothes and shoes and still be prepared (sometimes not, as you can still be tricked by the weather forecasts). This can be especially useful in winter, as I can previously decide if I’ll need some specific items, such as rain boots and umbrellas.

2. Decide what to dress on the day of travel
This is probably the most important step of packing light, as it allows me to wear the heaviest items such as winter jackets, purses, boots, hats without the need to stuff them in my carry-on. I usually go for a colours that match every outfit I’ll want to wear, such as nudes, blues our blacks.


3. Preselect the outfits
I’ve recently learned this one on one of Mimi Ikonn‘s Youtube videos and it helped me save me lots of space and future potential headaches. Before I learned this one, I used to packed two different outfits for the same day without thinking, which I would later select according to the weather or how I felt. Now, I preselect my clothes, shoes and accessories, while always trying to choose comfortable, minimalist pieces, with colours palettes that I can mix and use in different outfits.
Another thing I do is rolling my clothes in order to gain more space in the carry-on for other items. For this, I try to choose light fabrics that will resist wrinkling, always testing them out before packing.


4. Organize bathroom essentials and make up
I always avoid full size toiletries. As you may know, we’re allowed to take 100 mL containers (up to a total of 1 L) in carry-ons . Being a pharmacist, I occasionally have the chance of getting some product samples from a wide variety of brands easily, which is very helpful. Full-size packages of moisturiser, exfoliating gel, cleanser, toner, makeup remover, toothpaste, shampoo and soap can take up a lot of space and weight! Samples are perfect for using for a couple of days and there’s no need to fill reusable travel-size containers. You can always ask for some samples in pharmacies, make up stores and even your at the dentist!

With make up, I choose to only carry the essentials and, since they already have the right size, I just organize them in a small transparent bag.
Normally, I check if where I’m staying has a blow dryer and don’t take it with me, but I never leave without my flat iron!



5. Bedroom attire
I like to take with me the most comfortable pajama and slippers that will easily warm me up on chilly winter nights. I usually roll the flat iron into the pajama to protect it from possible impacts, which also allows me to save some space. Sometimes I do the same with my camera, iPad or other fragile equipment.


This is the same process I will be using for our trip to Barcelona this month. We’ll be sharing some photos with you once we get back!



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