7 cheap snacks you must try in Venice, Italy

Beautiful Venice is known for its amazing fish and seafood. Unlike the rest of Italy, pasta and pizza aren’t the first choice, although you find them in almost every corner.

If you’re travelling with a small budget, going to restaurants isn’t the best idea. The quality of meals isn’t any different between small trattoria and restaurants and the difference resides mostly in the establishments’ ambience. You may find delicious meals and snacks with low prices and eating while enjoying a great view.

Here’s our selection:

1. Breakfast

We booked a B&B with breakfast included. For 4 days straight I ate this delicious breakfast: croissants filled with sweet jam, toasts with Nutella, fresh orange juice and cappuccino! You can find the same breakfast in several caffès, around 5-10 €.

Photo 02-10-15 09 51 10

2. Spritz by Rialto

Spritz is a Venetian cocktail commonly served as an aperitif. It’s made with Prosecco wine, Aperol liqueur and sparkling mineral water, garnished with a slice of orange and an olive. While an acquired taste, it’s light and fresh! In Rialto, it cost us 7 € per drink.

Photo 03-10-15 21 03 58 (1)

3. Panini at Murano

While visiting the island of Murano (known for its glass making), we ran away from the crowded (and expensive) restaurants and ended up grabbing some panini (sandwiches) at a traditional local shop. We bought two with melted cheese, tomato, eggplant and basil, which cost us about 2.50 € each.


4. Involtino Vegetariano and Pizza

Small establishments throughout Venice sell multiple types of pizzas and sandwiches, which you can grab and eat while you visit the city! We ate an involtrino vegetariano, a rolled sandwich with tomato, mozzarella cheese and lettuce, for 4 to 5 €,  and a slice of fresh tomato & black olive pizza for 2.5 to 3 € – with a view!

5. Ferrero Chocolates

I guess it isn’t necessary to explain this one! I’ll just say the Italian description: “wafer ricoperto di cioccolato al latte, con nocciole intere e ripieno cremoso”. You can find a six pack in every supermarket in the city for about 3 to 4 €.

Photo 02-10-15 14 28 26

6. Ice cream in Burano Island

There are ice cream shops selling delicious home made ice cream not just in Burano, but also all over Venice and Murano, with flavors to die for. One ice cream with two flavours should cost you about 3 to 3.5 €.


7. Pasta

At last but not least, pasta! Like pizza, pasta is in every corner and every trattoria or restaurant. It is usually considered the main course there are have multiple types of pasta to try! We choose to try the basic tortellini ai pomodori (tortellini with tomato sauce) and tortellini ai funghi (tortellini with mushroom sauce). Excluding drinks and other extras, a dish of pasta can cost you between 8 to 20 €, depending on the ingredients chosen.

Photo 04-10-15 18 27 20 (1)

Have you ever been to Venice? Have a favourite Italian dish you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

Buon appetito!



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